12 thoughts on “Six Words – 6/Aug/19

  1. Ah-ha!
    Just the very thing which happened to me last month and caused me to dismantle my blog and start again…..
    If you take it up WP will eventually admit it must be very frustrating and will then refer you to Akismet, who will talk technospeak at you, the subtext being it is not their fault and the blame lies with either you or the person you are posting too.
    That steam let loose….
    Damn good and succinct way of presenting the problem.
    Glad to be back
    (Y’know…. that Villa supporter)

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      1. They seemed to be lacking in the ability to understand the more basic themes of the English language when the said theme are bereft of Techno-speak.
        I reached the same conclusion and just knocked it all down, to start all over again….
        WP drives me up the wall and back down again but I missed the folk I met up with, so glad to be back.
        (PS: New season in the Premier League and underfunded….We’d like to forget about Villa too….it’ll all end in tears)

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