14 thoughts on “Listening

    1. When written ‘his and her’ related to a hazy recollection of a long gone scenario – this poem maybe two or more years old (I wish I’d put a date on them; I’m finding so many I’ve not posted as I compile my ‘take’ on poetry. And in truth ‘truth amplified’ a single line change made today! Wishing you a good weekend, G.

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      1. I could offer suggestions based on my time in the Civil Servivce and of trying to make the computer systems work for humans and not the other way around, but at some stage the urge to use ‘colourful’ language would overwhelm me.

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  1. Reblogged this on heroicallybadwriter and commented:
    I am reblogging this for two reasons:
    Firstly Eric has a captivating way of instilling a great deal of observation of human emotions in a few words.
    Secondly thanks to WP this is the only way I can post up a message to him.
    Message not sent by WP:
    ‘There is a solid rhythm to this one Eric I love the intensity’

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      1. Thanks for looking mate, I appreciate your efforts.
        ‘Spam’…..oh dear….tut-tut….how could that have happend? I am very distressed. I feel WP should be more careful. It maybe necessary to contact them over this matter and urge they sort it out.’
        (Those were not exactly my words or thoughts on the subject but I do try to be family friendly).

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