Vacant Stare

Weather warm a rare blue sky

clock change day car radio said

no hurry well a bit maybe

this lane not one he often used


Narrow quite bendy too

passing places a squeeze through

strange no cars seen either way

probably it was just his day


All clear it seemed ahead

rear view mirror given a check

eyes front swerved right then left

an old lady from nowhere stepped


He’d swear she’d just appeared

no movement just a vacant stare

grey clad from head to foot

of this age no way that look


Drove on his head turned back

no sign gone as quick as that

cold sweat his heart beat fast

foot to pedal scared disturbed


That week the local paper lead

ghost of Cock Lane seen again

old men rubbed their chins

recalled stories of minds taken

19 thoughts on “Vacant Stare

    1. Yes and no, Bojana – it’s the longest piece I’ve consciously written as a poem but I’ve had an ~800 word poem published in an anthology under my full name, Eric Daniel Clarke, which started life as a short story. And, back in 2012 when I first started writing I tested out on about 15 women who I knew to varying degrees my concept for a novel based on an internet relationship and several commented that my style was more poetic prose than prose and one of them showed me how it’s ~1000 words fell quite naturally into six line verse. From then I started writing poetry and after a while gained the confidence to mostly keep it short!

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