EDC Review: Fallible Justice by Laura Laakso

For me, reading Fallible Justice was a sensory experience. The front cover an eye catching work of art that captures the essence of the story; the back cover blurb an accurate, enticing summary – which rightly stops short of giving too much of the story away – there is no need to repeat, or spoil, by saying more here. Yes, this is a crime investigation story, yet the like of which I’d not read. The first paragraph enthrals, the first chapter fires your mind with beyond human imagery – then sets the scene of the story, contemporary England, London, familiar, yet not; the paranormal co-existing with the normal, autonomy within reason, within limits of human acceptability.  The story plays out over just a few days, Sunday to Friday, each chapter titled, a nice touch, though no enticement needed as I found the pace, the characters, their interactions, the locations, the sense of familiarity, all so absorbing, so well handled, so balanced, that each chapter end merely cause for momentary pause, the writing, it’s style, the imagery, the tension compelling me to read on.  Fallible Justice is author, Laura Laakso’s debut, the first book of the Wilde Investigations series – I’m spellbound, and sure to read the next book, Echo Murder,  to be published in June 2019.

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9 thoughts on “EDC Review: Fallible Justice by Laura Laakso

  1. Thanks for the Review. I might take a look and if it’s done in Kindle, which it probably will be, I will buy it a d read it. Or at least, my Voice Over App will (being blind, you see):p. It sounds interesting

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