Two Years Ago

More than a post – a touch of someone …


We were talking and laughing so hard over dinner one cold December night.

It felt like I’ve known you for so long when it was actually the first time we went out.

My mind connected with yours like it never did with other people.

The kind of connection I needed then to bring me back to life.

It never occurred to me that we’d someday meet and spend time together.

Because though we’re under the same sky, we belong in different worlds.

It’s really amazing how someone who was just a stranger to you before,

Would suddenly be someone who’d mean so much to you.

Even until now I’m not sure what we were then.

What I’m sure of is that you made me feel butterflies again.

My heart became alive anew as I found my ability to share what’s in me once more.

It’s nice reminiscing about it,


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EDC Shorts: Story – This Time Every Year

“He wasn’t there, at least not a moment ago?” she half thought, half spoke.

“Who?” little sister said, answering her own question looking from the ‘pay here’ queue to see what kind of man had got big sister’s attention.

He was there alright, in every sense, lean, six foot something, curly close cut hair, caressing silk, eyes dancing over candy stripes, somehow not quite him. Little sister does a double take, big sister now walking over to him.

His fingers caress each tie in turn. “A female perspective?” she enquires.

“Yours always” his reply.

She takes a subtle blue design – almost on tiptoes, leans in to place around his neck.

Foot to foot his balance shifts, her coat unbuttoned, her body open. Both sway, the gap between them now as nothing, little sister’s eyes are popping.

The music, no one remembered what or if any, only movement, theirs, timeless, of another world. Classic ballroom made sensual, of them, strictly personal.  This world stood still, time gave time for free.

At arm’s length, their tie passed, her hands to his, he bows, escorts her to the line where all completely mesmerised.

Little sister’s mouth wide open, seeing yet not believing, big sister dancing in that way, with him.

“Who is he” she gasps at last …

“No idea” big sister smiles, “He’s here this time every year, ”they turn around, blue tie as his eyes nowhere to be seen, present given, and received.

A teen writer publishes against all odds

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Myths of the Mirror

For her high school senior project, Kendra Stefan wanted to write, illustrate, and publish a children’s book, and I agreed to mentor her through the project. As writers out there know, a book is a lot of work. For Kendra, the challenge was over the top. She was suffering from heart failure.

We got an early start, working on the book between her other studies, her numerous doctor’s appointments, and rising fatigue. As we got her story down, her condition declined and her position of the waiting list for a donor moved up.

When the story was essentially done, but the illustrations just started, Kendra got the call. In July, she received her new heart.

Kendra’s work on the book continued while she recovered in the hospital – between rehab sessions, medication adjustments, and the hard and painful work of building up her strength.

When she was released for visits…

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Promote Yourself Monday – December 10, 2018

It’s not raining – is it really morning in the UK? Must be – time for coffee and your words at the Go Dog Go Cafe …

Go Dog Go Café


Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe readers, guest writers, and baristas are invited to post one link to one specific post (600 words or less please!) from your blog into the comments section below.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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