Their Days: Sam & Erin’s Story #22



Somehow we’ll see this through, be off of here, and be together, me and you. It’s what I think of most, the times we have to come. I see you in my mind, try to imagine how you’ll look – your hair, your clothes, what you wear beneath, what it would be like to feel the softness of your skin. I so need to see your smile, to hold your hand I’ll not willingly let go. I think of the things we’ll say, the laughter, the fun, how at ease we’ll be, as us.


You say such wonderful things to me, Sam. Where do you get all of these lovely words from? You must have such an amazing imagination – I dare not write the things I’m imagining!




I have an idea or two about what we could do this weekend, to explore each other a little, to see where we’d like to go next. I’ve no idea where you live other than it must be quite close to London, as I am too. I’m quite flexible. What day and locality would be best for you?


Are you going to share these ideas with me? I would love to know what sort of places you enjoy going to. Do you think we can do something casual that doesn’t involve booking anything as that would seem a little too formal for me.


Erin, of course, informal is fine for me. I enjoy all sorts of places. It’s who you’re with and how you feel that matters. We will have a great time, just let me know where and when.


Sam, you’re so right, it’s the company that you are in that makes a good night out. Sometimes if it’s not a nice place but you’re with a person you really want to be with, it makes everything okay.


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