Their Days: Sam & Erin’s Story #16



And you are telling me what exactly?


I’ve been looking after a friend, a girlfriend, who was once my lover. The night of the Saturday you came home from Greenland we were forced off the road – the car rolled for what seemed forever. I had just a few cuts and bruises, my friend was not so lucky, concussed and broken ribs. I’ve had to deal with her being in hospital and the police, and to help her recover she moved in with me. I couldn’t leave her on her own and I couldn’t tell you – I wasn’t sure you’d understand.


I’m numb. I have no words I trust myself to use.


I don’t know what to say now. I’ve been so nervous waiting to hear from you. I’m frightened that you are going to walk away. I need you to stick with me. We can keep going, can’t we?


The thing is you don’t need me to keep going. When all is said and done, I have a flaw – I’m a man. You don’t need me as a lover, you have one and she’s a woman.


Please, Sam, be the man I’ve always hoped you are. Yes, it’s taken a long time for me to realise, but I definitely want you and in every way possible. I’ve done nothing wrong, just held back that I’m a little different. I like men and women, some men like that.


Done nothing wrong?  I’m sorry, but how can you say that? You’ve said so much of me being a part of your life, yet you kept me at arm’s length while going through this. What of your female lover? Are you sure you want a man? Are you really going to go straight for me because I don’t want to share you.


I can’t become straight – it doesn’t work like that. I’m bisexual, it’s in my DNA. Come on, Sam, you’re the scientist, you should know that. When I’m with someone, male or female, I’m committed to them, and I choose to be with that one person exclusively. If we decided to do that then I would be with you.


This is so crazy, so absolutely mad – I need to know what you expect of me.


I know how you feel, and you know how I feel. The only thing that remains to be seen is if I’m worth the trouble you obviously think I’ll be for you. No matter how right I believe we are for each other, my life is more complicated than most. I can’t change that. If you felt the way you say you do about me you would understand and accept me, no matter what the circumstances.

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