Their Days: Sam & Erin’s Story #15



I do not want to lose you. There have been too many words, too many feelings, too many tears, for us to fail now. I do not want to hurt you, and I do not want any more misunderstandings. I know I want you, but how? You hold all the cards, yet they’re now so shuffled out of suits I think you do not know how to deal them. There are only two that matter: a knave and his queen, his reason to gamble that one day she will share her world with him, her king. I’ll say no more for now, and trust to fate, and the hand she gives.


That was so well said, please hold on to your belief in me – I’ve come too far to ruin everything. Sam, I pray so much that all this is real. I’m scared, but I need to tell you something that you need to know.


Don’t be scared, Erin, there’s not a thing you could say or show me that would ever make me feel other than I do. You are and always will be the woman I desire.  I just know we’ll get on fine, share endless laughs and pleasures – that we’ll both have sensually mischievous minds. You never cease to touch me when you show my words touch you. Please tell me whatever you feel I need to know, and while I wait I’ll ask you, in the time honoured old-fashioned way, to step out of the shadows and walk a while with me.


Your words have wrecked me. I can’t stop crying. No one in my life has ever touched me as you have. Sam, the only thing I want to say is yes, but first I have to lay myself open to you.


Erin, it’s now got very late, but I’ll not end this day until I give you a chance to say what you feel you need to.  I guess there is a man involved in some way?


You’ve got it wrong, Sam, it’s not a man, it’s a woman.

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