5 thoughts on “EDC Shorts: Six-Words – Look

  1. I’m sure you mean this is a much more soul crushing manner but I immediately thought of my first trip to Amsterdam. My hubs and I got separated in an outdoor market. I wasn’t really concerned as in the U.S. he’s mad easy to spot. Just stand back and look for the head above the crowd. (6’7). But I couldn’t see him. 6’7 isn’t abnormally tall in the Netherlands. Lol

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    1. I know quite a few Dutch scientists and yes they are all tall! There is nothing quite so disconcerting as losing sight of someone you are with in what for you is a foreign country! This line just a play on what you see isn’t necessarily what someone is so not too crushing – just a little disconcerting! All the best from sunny England … Eric.

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