Their Days: Sam & Erin’s Story #6



Hi, Erin, it was manic out here on Wednesday – we wrapped everything up at about 9 pm, then our Belgian colleagues found a restaurant for about twenty of us to literally take over – obligatory fillet steaks and pommes frites, and beer, and more beer, and… well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s a short flight home today. Blushing reveals a lot about you – your sensitivity, your barely hidden vulnerability, your ability to show emotions, and apparently those that blush make great lovers! I may not be blushing, but I’m certainly smiling as I sign off for now.


How do you do this, Sam? You talk to me as if we have known each other for years not just a couple of weeks and with a sore head too. Some of the things you say I’d feel uncomfortable about with anyone else, but somehow it seems alright with you. So you don’t blush? Well, I’ll have to see what I can do about that when you get back.




I send my gifts to you as words:

Flowers, their fragile beauty incomparable to yours

A classic fragrance, subtle, heaven scent as you

Lingerie, sensual, your body to adorn

Chocolate, to brush your lips, to taste sublime within

My thoughts, stroked from my heart to yours.

 Happy Birthday, Erin, I wish I could give you more.


Oh my goodness, Sam, you’ve brought tears to my eyes. I’m so flattered and overwhelmed by your lovely words. I wish I were with you right now to show you how very grateful I am. How could a girl want more than you have given me? Thank you so much, I’m almost speechless. Things like this don’t happen to me.




Hi, Erin, just a quick one. I stayed at a friend’s last night, but I’m now back home to a pile of junk mail through my letterbox, a misnomer if ever there was one. Made me think back to my youth, and a teenage girlfriend I’d met on holiday. Her letters I remember most – she was the first girl to show feelings for me through her written words. Decades on, another world, and written words connect us too – pull us close enough to touch, to feel something inside.  Have a great night out with your friends – short skirts, low tops and killer heels, or have I got you wrong?


Your messages take me to another world. Each one shows me a bit more of you. I love it, I really do. If I tried to do the same mine would be rubbish next to yours. If that’s your quick one, Sam, I’m going to be a very lucky girl – and yes, we will be girly girls tonight!




Erin, you stir so many things in me, we have to meet and soon. Let’s try to sort something out for next week.


I know that we need to meet, and I want to, it’s not just a case of having to, okay? We just need to get the timing right and I’m sorry, but next week is not right for me. I can’t help it, I just have too much on. I had no idea we’d get this close this quick when we started this.


The thing is, Erin, and I’d thought you would have realised this, I’m only in the UK next week then I’ll be away for a while and won’t be able to keep in touch. Well, at least not on a site like this. Look, I’ll be in London on Tuesday. Why don’t we meet up at lunchtime, just a quick coffee if you like? It would be so good to see you before I go.


Excuse me, what kind of message is that? Just what am I supposed to have realised? You’re the one who needs to look, Sam, I’ve told you I can’t meet up with you next week. It feels to me as though you are trying to tell me what to do and I don’t like it. I think you are being very unfair pushing me like this.

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