Their Days: Sam & Erin’s Story #4

Early May  (#1 #2 #3  & #4) – Sam & Erin tentatively reaching out – Mid-May to come,  yet closer, though Sam has gone away?



Surely I’m not the first man to want to get to know you? Has there not been a man you felt you really wanted, who you opened up to, who made a difference to you? I’m nothing special, just an ordinary man. There isn’t anything too mysterious about me – I just can’t say too much about what I do on here. I liked your mischievous ‘hmm’, and you know full well what’s playing on my mind. I wonder how you imagine a scientist to be. Did you know our senses are highly tuned? We have a touch, a feel for things so sensitive that with experience we can almost feel the earth move. Some go far and wide to perfect this skill. Maybe one day all I’ll need is to be with you?


You’re winding me up now, aren’t you? I’ve actually met the odd scientist through my work, odd being the operative word in my experience. I could have stood stark naked in front of one in particular and I’m sure he wouldn’t have noticed. I’m into being experimental and not had any complaints about my touch. And yes, Sam, you are the first man I’ve spoken to seriously on here. I’m so glad you found me, darling man.




Where to start?  I’m really enjoying this – it’s such bad timing that I have to go away. You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve been called darling or anything like that. It’s kind of nice. I think I’d best shut up before I say something stupid. Moving on to your experimental ways, you got me thinking how best to assess your skills – your flexibility, your responsiveness to diverse stimuli? Perhaps you could find a date that suits for when I come back? I fly out this afternoon and all being well I’ll be back on your birthday. Have to go now. Take care, Erin, I’ll miss you.


I’ll do my best to find a date for us. You take care too, and if you can please try and keep in touch.  I’ll miss you too, Sam.


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