EDC Review: Sinister Dexter by Lucy Brazier


PorterGirl: Sinister Dexter by [Brazier, Lucy]

‘Sinister Dexter’ the third of the Porter Girl novels is an immensely enjoyable read ; all the more so having read the two that came before – ‘First Lady of the Keys’ and ‘The Vanishing Lord’.  Author Lucy Brazier sets all eyes upon Deputy Head Porter as she strives to uphold the honour of Old College – despite the machinations of The Bursar – jeopardising her position and even more alarming her need of tea.  Two young bodies found at the bottom of the Old College garden, quite disturbing, unsettling the students, the staff, to a degree, not least the ever present Dean – though in his case tempered by having to yet again indulge the police. Deputy Head Porter finds herself the go-between (and all too often the go-without when it comes to tea and sausages) – the link of reason (all things are relative) – dealing with the ‘never wrong, yet not quite right’ Dean, the ‘all seeing, all hearing’ Detective Chief Inspector Thompson, and the’ distracted, not always there’ Head Porter – to name a few! And therein lies the beauty of this story – the interplay of characters, the creation of images, the deft balance of sensitivities, emotions, humour and the bizarre – all sublime – and best of all exposure to what goes on in Deputy Head Porter’s mind! I’ve a mind to read again and will.

23 thoughts on “EDC Review: Sinister Dexter by Lucy Brazier

  1. What an absolutely wonderful review and I love how brilliantly you have captured the essence of the characters in your trademark style of brevity and concise beauty. Actually, I think this review is better than the actual book… xx

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          1. Alas not actually met her, although she’s only up the road come to think of it 🤔

            Have quite a bit of contact though via spotlights and blog things. The energy ripples in that!!

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        1. You kinda know me a bit now – I don’t lie – I say what I feel without hopefully being rude – I’ve done it in comments to you on your blog and we’ve been okay about it. We all have different views on things be it books or blogs or whatever – I sure as hell don’t expect every thing I do to be ‘liked’ but I do expect me to be myself – then what will be will be and I’ll live with it.

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