His & Hers: Raw Lines #11 – not trying to tie you down…


You have a good evening, forget about me, enjoy yourself with friends, look absolutely gorgeous, stun everyone who sees you. I’ll wish I could be with you, but it’s not me you want to be with. So go do what makes you happy and turns you on. You only have one life so live it, as you always do. Take care, have fun.


Why does that sound like you are saying goodbye to me? Have I done something wrong because that message has left me thinking, so please do let me know.


I felt I’ve been boring you, getting too heavy, burdening you with things I shouldn’t so thought I’d be a lot more positive and lighten up. I just gave myself a slap and a bit of a kick up the arse to accept you’re an incredible young woman and I’m damn lucky to have you in my life at all. I feel alive and not just living because of you. I want to share whatever we can of our lives together, I want us to be real. But saying that I want you to know I’m not trying to tie you down or inhibit you or the way you want to live. I just want you the way you are.


I know you’re not trying to tie me down, just don’t scare me like that again! I really thought you were saying you didn’t want me anymore. I felt like crying. I’m so glad it’s not the case.

His & Hers – raw lines extracted at random from ‘Believing Sight Unseen’  a file of what was a quarter of a million words – culled to about a hundred and fifty thousand – now turning into stories…


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