His & Hers: Raw Lines #10 – first thing on a Sunday morning…


I’m feeling let down to be honest. I thought you understood we need to talk. I’m tired of sitting on my arse waiting for you to start this. But hey, don’t rush to reply, do whatever you have planned for today, I really wouldn’t want to spoil anything you enjoy.


I do talk to you! I’ve never been so open with anyone. You are spoiling what I enjoy, you, the way you where, what’s got into you?


Come on, it’s obvious you avoid talking about anything to do with us. Do you really think I’m that dumb? You like stringing me along, you’re an expert at it, you’ve been doing it since day one, the very first day we started this. As you said I’m pathetic, I agree, I must be for taking this from you for so long. So let’s keep it simple, you do something for once.


And when did I say that you’re pathetic? Why would I speak to you like that? You’re not dumb and there is no need for you to say that. Forcing me to do something isn’t going to make me do so much quicker, don’t you get that? You seem to be so moody lately. You need to calm down.


Well that seems to say it all, you don’t even know what you said two days ago. This is all part of the same thing, the same old problem, you not being able to move on. I’m not forcing you to do anything anyone who really cares would do. I’m calm, why would you think I’m not, all I’m doing is telling you what I see. And please spare me your innocence, just do something for us. I’m tired of being the only one trying to make us work.


It’s first thing on a Sunday morning and yet again it’s all me, me, me with you, I’m fed up of your do this, do that moods and messages. This is the last thing I need, stop being so damn pushy, I’ve had enough, okay!

6 thoughts on “His & Hers: Raw Lines #10 – first thing on a Sunday morning…

    1. Please excuse me for not replying much earlier – I only found your comment by chance today in my spam folder of all places! – I’ve no idea why it was put there by WordPress as we’ve exchanged quite a few comments recently. I really appreciate your nomination of me for this award though I have to ask you to please excuse me again as I’m a blogger who doesn’t follow through with awards; being read by you is reward enough for me.

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      1. No worries. I completely understand. We are all here for different reasons. These “awards” are a little cumbersome and there are far too many floating around…But it is way bloggers can recognize other bloggers…Of course I have 3 new ones I haven’t done anything with…

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