His & Hers: Raw Lines #9 – Maybe all we need are yours?


You know something, you and I are much closer than you believe, we’re not so different it seems to me. You come over as liking your own company, so do I, you like space and freedom to be yourself, as do I, you have commitments and responsibilities that you take seriously, I too very much so, you feel most alive, close to nature, exposed to the sky, the stars, smiling as your imagination soars, as you say to feel warm rain upon your skin, and now and then, like me, so need to feel the tingle of hands upon your body, soft lips exploring you, to feel the beating heart of someone close, their breath their sighs, to sensually let go.


It’s crazy how you know me so well – I mean it’s like you are the other half of me. I’ve never had anyone in my life understand me so much, I’m a little spooked now.


It’s not really crazy. There’ve been times when you’ve said what I already know, that we are soul-mates, as if we’re each other’s safe harbour in the ever changing sea of life. As you used to often say, we are connected, I’ve always believed this too, I your anchor, you my soaring angel, free to fly, to be you, not tied down, yet always knowing I’ll not let you go, that I’ll always be there for you. You are the other half of me too. Just felt I had to tell you this, there is nothing spooky, I just take in everything you’ve ever written me, I’ve let you in and feel you inside of me, I’ve grown to know you, it’s quite wonderful.


Yes, I do think we’re connected, there’s no question about that at all. When you describe it like that it doesn’t sound spooky, just me not using the right words, maybe all we need are yours.

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