His & Hers: Raw Lines #8 – Not hearing…


You’re not hearing what I say, you don’t understand I’m way ahead of you, my feelings are the deepest, I’m uncomfortable being without you, uncomfortable with us just being here. There’s more to us than just what you want, what I want matters too. There has to be a way ahead for us. What are we actually waiting for?


Please don’t make demands of me. You know my feelings about that. I’m hearing you loud and clear. Maybe you need to keep a firmer grip on your feelings.


I’m not holding back my feelings, how can I they are real. If you can keep a grip on yours then perhaps they’re not so real. I’ve said all I have to say, it’s up to you now.


Please can you try and understand what I’m asking for right now is a little reassurance. Don’t attack me when what I need most is for you to show me that you care.

His & Hers – raw lines extracted at random from ‘Believing Sight Unseen’  a file of a man and woman’s words.

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