His & Hers: Raw Lines #7 – Part of it…

Part of it…


Yet another weekend, you’ll look good, so desirable on a night or two out with friends, maybe a date, maybe someone regular. I’m not naive, you’re a sensual woman – you have your needs and more ways than most to sate them. I just don’t get, given all you’ve said you feel, why not with me? I’m struggling to comprehend what we are all about, with not really knowing what you want from me? Why are you doing this, why can’t you open up and let me in, let me see who you really are?


I’m going out but there won’t be any dates with men or women, just me having fun with my friends. Yes, I’m highly sexed and can get a quickie any time I like but I don’t want that any more – can’t you see that. You’re going on like I’m sleeping with everyone apart from you!


I’m not going on as though you are sleeping around, if I thought that I wouldn’t be here. I’m just saying that we are not exclusive to each other, how could we be, we’ve never met. You are obviously free to live your life as you like – I’d just like to know when I’ll be a part of it?


You are a part of it and that’s what I’ m saying – there is no one else. I’m enjoying getting to know you, I’ve no hidden agenda, I just want this to continue as well as it is and see how it goes, that’s it, it’s for all the right reasons you know.


If only I knew what to say, had words left to give what you seem to need – more and more of them from me? I want to share my thoughts with you but nothing more will come. I’ve revealed more to you than anyone, you know the man I am. Do you really need more of this or the real possibility of us?


I don’t need the possibility of us, I need the real us. I always have and always will. Have I ever given you reason to doubt this? I’ve loved getting to know you and still do. I thought you knew our feelings were mutual?

His & Hers – raw lines extracted at random from ‘Believing Sight Unseen’  a file of a man and woman’s words written as they came, from where, your guess as good as mine.

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