His & Hers: Raw Lines #5 – Not forgotten…

Not forgotten…


Time has cleared my mind, allowed my heart to be heard, and shown what’s always been in my soul, a part of you within me, the part that makes me smile, the part that gives me hope, the part that shows me that need is so much more than want. I too often overwhelmed you, too often suffocated you, too often wanted too much too soon, and I ashamed to say hurt you with words that were wrong, words that will not come from me again. Time is all you ever asked of me, time is what I give you, and hope to share as us.


You’ve really hurt me, and I admit it’s going to be hard to rebuild my trust in you. I’m always going to be worrying that you are going to turn on me again, but I do want to try.


It’s such a relief that you want to try again. I really don’t want to lose you, we have come too far to give up on each other now. I’ve exorcised my demons, I know the pain I’ve caused, the crass mistakes I’ve made. If you’ll accept it, I unreservedly and truly offer my apology.


I don’t know what to think at the moment, I need time to think if this is what I want. If you could act like that on here then it makes me wonder what on earth you would be like if I were to ever agree to meeting you, and right now, the chance of that is very slim.


I feel very shaken and shocked to see that I have done so much damage to us. It hurts beyond belief. I hope and pray you realise that we do have something very special. I’m trembling with the enormity of having to face up to up to the possibility of losing you. I can hardly breath. I feel completely empty. I feel as though my every dream could end and all because of my stupidity.


Look we all do stupid things, but there are consequences and I think you realise that now. Of course things aren’t peachy, but I do want to try and smooth things over. I think we both hurt, but we have to try and move on – but no, mistakes not forgotten, we can’t undo the past.

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