His & Hers: Raw Lines #4 – Another chance…


Another chance? I must be completely mad, but I’ll give you the chance to stop dithering and arrange for us to meet next week, real dates, not vague times in the future. I’ll give you the chance to stop being so enigmatic, to stop messing with my emotions. I’ll give you the chance to show me you really want to give us a chance. No more endless messaging and waiting – okay!


That message was very intense indeed. I don’t entirely understand why you are so angry at me and why you have turned to this to get what you want. I thought we understood each other. Maybe this isn’t a good idea after all.


You asked me to give you another chance and I have. Yes I am annoyed that you always evade any form of commitment to meet. I’m still here though – God knows why? Perhaps you are right and we should end this if you think I am using some sort of ploy to get what I want. I thought it was what we wanted! If you want us to try and go forward then do something or be honest enough to say you want to stop. You simply cannot carry on abusing my feelings like this.


I wouldn’t say that accusing me of abusing your emotions and dithering and messing you about is exactly another chance. I have told you I cannot give you a date at the moment, not giving you a date then makes you say well be honest and say I want to stop, I haven’t been dishonest, I don’t want to stop but can’t give you a date yet, and trying to pile pressure on me by using me as an excuse to blame isn’t fair.

His & Hers – raw lines extracted at random from ‘Believing Sight Unseen’  a file of what was a quarter of a million words – now culled to about a hundred and fifty thousand – so many repetitions when a man and woman talk.

4 thoughts on “His & Hers: Raw Lines #4 – Another chance…

  1. You are doing an excellent job at this. I like not being able to take sides – each has their own reasons for saying/doing what they say or do, and they both sound reasonable. I also love how I can invent my own back story here.

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  2. Thank you – you are so right that they both have their own reasons for saying/doing what they do – my take on a story will eventually emerge from these random non-linear time lined posts – Having read you I’ve got a feeling your take on a back story could be tastier than mine! As ever your comments are very much appreciated – Eric.


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