EDC Shorts: six words – lines – ‘poetry’ #102


Poem – Six Word Miscellany #1:


Six word stories three with meaning

Some get followed some get read

Thing is you can’t like everyone

It’s not like we’ll ever meet


Young hearts fragile as old bones

Catch her cold she goes viral

Born to see days like tomorrow

Wait a moment and it’s gone


No escape tied up in dreams

His will to keep her near

Her hand quite ordinary till held

The gift of his life hers


Reality no place in this fantasy

Smile at the ludicrousness of stars

Take away the madness let breathe

Be still let yourself go now



[Six word lines written over time come together – guess it’s in the mind.]

17 thoughts on “EDC Shorts: six words – lines – ‘poetry’ #102

    1. Thank you, Pam – ‘young hearts fragile as old bones’ a six word line that means a lot to me as does the whole of #1 – it seems the first of any style I chose to write turns out to be the best I can do – if I could write songs I’d be a one hit wonder! I was like this as a scientist – I’d have an idea, test it, and move on to the next one – each idea individual yet linked within a concept – a form of believing sight unseen become reality.

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