Exciting Changes at the Go Dog Go Cafe!

An update from ‘Christine/Brave and Reckless’ on the Go Dog Go Cafe – a writers place to stop by a while, take in the vibe, check out the staff, established and some new, and guest baristas too … Eric

Go Dog Go Café


You may have noticed that we have been shining up the counters at the Go Dog Go Cafe’s, debuting some new menu items and adding some new to our Barista and Regular Contributor Rosters.  It is a new year at the Go Dog Go Cafe and we are really excited about the direction the Cafe is going.

We are committed to the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Mission of providing a warm, inviting and inspiring gathering space for building a healthy and supportive writing community.  We will be pairing excellent original writers from our Baristas, Regular Contributors and Guest Baristas with a mix of special features that explore the writing life, including our new feature Ask A Barista, where we will tackle your writing and blogging questions and give feedback on your works in progress.

We are happy to have founding Baristas Steve Fuller and Gina Gallyot back on a regular…

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4 thoughts on “Exciting Changes at the Go Dog Go Cafe!

    1. I was asked to guest and submitted about a dozen of my longer (but not too long!) poems which were posted during Oct/Nov/Dec last year. Last week I was invited to become a regular posting direct to the Go Dog Go Cafe blog which I’ll start doing next week. It will be an interesting challenge for me writing somewhat longer poems and I also have in mind to post short pieces of poetic-prose which is my natural writing style … will be very interesting to see how that goes down!

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