EDC Shorts: lines – ‘prose’ – poetry #77

Believing Sight Unseen: Their Days is nearing completion. Sam & Erin’s story as posted on this blog  is a mix of narrative and message scenes – that will change to message only in the final book.  By chance I came across this version of their opening messages written in 2015 – the final version no doubt will be a little different but for me this is the awakening of Sam & Erin’s story.




Sites like this are not my thing but playing around on the internet as you do your photo appeared to me, by chance, by fate who knows, but somehow you captivated me, your style, your class, your beauty, I just had to sign up, to say hello. It seems I’ve eyes for no one else, others may show their boobs, their bum and more, as if to say look at me not you, but you are the one that fills my eyes, you are the big surprise. That you are here at all I can’t think why, with your looks you could have anyone you want, but of course you’ll have your reasons, good luck to you, have fun. So there it is, I’m Sam, hello to you, I’m spell bound by your smile.


Oh my goodness, what a lovely message – do you really mean that? I’m Erin by the way and from what I can see you look fit!




Hello Erin, l can’t quite believe you got in touch, I keep looking at your photo, you really do look amazing. As for my photo, just a bit of fun to show I haven’t gone to seed! I’ve not done anything like this before, all I can do is be me, and write the way I feel.


I like the way you write, it’s refreshing to chat to a guy who seems interested in me, most men on here are only interested in one thing!




There must be plenty men who’ve been awed by your looks, your sensuality, your charms, I cannot imagine you ever having to try too hard, or being alone, so I have to ask, why spend time on a man like me?


I find that a lot of guys who would like to be with me are far too immature. I’ve always been attracted to the more intelligent male and I like older guys too as I feel I’m treated much better by them, though there are always exceptions to the rules. What about you?


For me intelligence and looks only go so far, it’s who and how you are that really matters. You have something, you intrigue me, and if you don’t mind me saying, it sounds as if you’ve been let down a time or two? Men say they cannot help but be what they are, some though do try to be as women want, but I’ll not deny it isn’t always easy! Sorry I’m probably talking too much?


No not at all I don’t think you talk too much and I like reading what you have to say, it is all so real and insightful, I feel as though I am connecting with you and I am enjoying it and you.

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