EDC Shorts: six words – ‘lines’ – poetry #94

Screen scrolling… seeking those moments he slipped beneath her clothes to take her with his words.

His & Hers: Raw Lines #2 – Can’t let go

Can’t let go …


I see no possibility of understanding or forgiveness from you so why are you still messaging if I’m so evil, so beneath you, so not your type? What you think matters, but what you think about me is wrong, but you’ll never know. It’s such a shame, but if you really have nothing left in you for me then please stop messaging me and I’ll go. And just so you know, I got it wrong, I blew it; looks like I’ve lost the woman I love, but you won’t believe that either.


Because quite simply I can’t let go! I am desperately trying to work out why you said what you said. It upset me so much but then again it made me realise exactly how much you mean to me. I still want you so much!


His & Hers – raw lines extracted at random from ‘Believing Sight Unseen’  a file of what was a quarter of a million words – now culled to about a hundred and fifty thousand – so many repetitions when a man and woman talk.