EDC Shorts: lines – prose – ‘poetry’ #69

Another Day


Exchanged written words

Likes and comments first

E-mails came affection grew

Arranged to meet she got cold feet


Another day they met half-way

He reached out she let him touch

Hours flew departure hurt

Long story now he gave too much

EDC Shorts: lines – prose – ‘poetry’ #62

Called Your Name


Early morning walking

head a drift of memories

a robin at my feet

took to the air

another came


In flight they kissed

suspended for a moment

beak to beak

their hearts as one

wings beat so fast

They became a blur

what took seconds

seemed eternal


They alighted on a branch

staring at and through me

I called your name

their beaks as lips

touched again


They held me

in their spell

as you

I felt you close

so near I blinked

they disappeared

I blinked again

and saw you

EDC Shorts: lines – ‘prose’ – poetry #60

This Time Every Year


“He wasn’t there, at least not a moment ago?” she half thought, half spoke.

“Who?” little sister said, answering her own question, looking from the ‘pay here’ queue to see what kind of man had got big sister’s attention. He was there alright, in every sense, lean, six foot, curly close cut hair; caressing silk, eyes dancing over candy stripes, somehow not quite him. Little sister does a double take, big sister now walking over to him.

His fingers caress each tie in turn. “A female perspective?” she enquires.

“Yours always.” his reply.

She takes a subtle blue design, almost on tiptoes leans in to place around his neck. A faint stir, foot to foot his balance shifts, her coat unbuttoned, body free. Both sway, gap between them now as nothing, little sister’s eyes popping.

Music, no one remembered what, or if any, only movement, theirs, timeless, of another world. Classic ballroom made sensual, borderline erotic.  This world stood still, time gave time for free. Little sister’s mouth wide open, seeing yet not believing, big sister dancing that way, with him.

Arm’s length now, blue tie passed from her hands to his. He bows, escorts her to the line where all completely mesmerised.

“Who is he?” little sister gasps.

“No idea.” big sister smiles … “he comes to me this time every year.”

They turn around, blue tie as his eyes nowhere to be seen.

Present given … and received.