EDC Shorts: lines – prose – ‘poetry’ #69

Another Day


Exchanged written words

Likes and comments first

E-mails came affection grew

Arranged to meet she got cold feet


Another day they met half-way

He reached out she let him touch

Hours flew departure hurt

Long story now he gave too much

EDC Shorts: lines – prose – ‘poetry’ #62

Called Your Name


Early morning walking

head a drift of memories

a robin at my feet

took to the air

another came


In flight they kissed

suspended for a moment

beak to beak

their hearts as one

wings beat so fast

They became a blur

what took seconds

seemed eternal


They alighted on a branch

staring at and through me

I called your name

their beaks as lips

touched again


They held me

in their spell

as you

I felt you close

so near I blinked

they disappeared

I blinked again

and saw you