EDC Shorts: ‘lines’ – prose – poetry #48

@EDC_Writing  – #Hashtag lines: 29 Nov’17  [#1lineWed: ‘trust’]

“Little by little in your own way tell me something of you, about you, let me slowly in, and as each day passes as you feel more as one with me, I’ll grow to know more of you, and as your faith grows, trust will follow, and the day will come when I am there beside you”


“I care about you more than you know, whether it is love I don’t know. I find it hard to say I love someone I have only spoken to via messages, I know the onus is on me to change this, and I will, until then I ask you to please trust me and your feelings for me.”


[Source: Believing Sight Unseen – ‘His & Hers’ words file]

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