#16 Their Days: Indiscretion – Down to me

The previous phase ‘Exposure’ now has two additional posts #13 & #14 which set the scene for ‘Indiscretion’ 

The narrative scene which starts ‘Indiscretion’ was posted prematurely and has now been renumbered as #15

Indeed a work in progress!




I’ve been struggling for words, at least the right ones, I hope these are? I’m trying to sort out what matters in my head, to see where we’ve been, how things are, how we move on from here. It’s hard when you love what we have on here and I’d love to be with you. We seem to have grown to know ourselves a little better as we’ve become closer. Yet I know next to nothing about you that I could tell someone, but feel I know you as no other. It’s as if we’re fluent in another language, the linguistics of our hearts? I really don’t know, do you?


Yes, I suppose we are getting to know ourselves as well as one another. I hadn’t thought of it like that before. I’m glad you got back in touch with me you know?


I hadn’t realised I’d been away? As I say I’ve been looking at us, seeing things as they are. Your mixed messages and the brevity of your replies isn’t helping me or us much. I’m not sure what to expect of you, not sure if you have anything more to give. You seem immovable from your life on here, detached from doing anything for us.


Even a day of not hearing from someone on here can feel a lot longer than it is. I am not sure what it is you are trying to say, but I would suggest you just say what it is in the bluntest form possible?


Erin, I’m not trying to say anything I have not said before. You know how much I need to move on from here, yet you linger on this site for what seems to me one reason, you do not believe I am the man for you. So hardly surprising I am confused when you say you need me, that I’m your friend, yet do absolutely nothing to see me. I’ve nothing blunt to say, I’ve always felt the need of you, to be yours. It’s such a shame you can’t find it in you to believe me.


I do believe you could be the man for me, but it takes longer than a few weeks to get to know someone you have never talked to before, don’t you agree? So I want to know who the real person is who I feel all this passion for.


Erin, why say we have only known each other a few weeks when it’s been months since we started messaging. It worries me that you choose to have no memory of our past, the feelings we’ve exchanged for so very long. Being on here is your choice not mine. I’d like to talk to you but you won’t let me call. I’d love to meet you but know better than to ask. Its time you made your mind up don’t you think; to let me into your real life, or not?


I don’t know why. It just doesn’t seem as though it has been as long as that. I haven’t forgotten the things that we have shared, only didn’t realise it had been so long. When you put it that way, yes, it is down to me.

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