Please No- Eric/EDC Writing

This a nice surprise for me to wake up to on a wet and windy UK morning – thank you Christine for posting my words with such a telling image. Eric

Brave & Reckless

The kiss you put

on my lips

wipe off

I’m not that kind

you know it

The words you put

in my mouth

take out

yours not mine

why do it

The life you

sucked from me

spit it

no don’t

swallow please


Eric is an Englishman, living in Buckinghamshire, born in Birmingham, raised and schooled in Devon, near its Somerset and Dorset borders, 5 miles from the World Heritage Jurassic Coast.  Husband, father of two daughters, grandfather to two girls and two boys; known as a scientist. Now in transition scientist to writer, published as Eric Daniel Clarke in ‘The Box Under The Bed: an anthology of scary stories from 20 authors’. Further poetry and prose can be found at EDC Writing

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