#11: Exposure – The things friends say



How is your friend, I hope she is well on the mend. I broke four of my ribs a few years ago. Took a while to recover, but then I’m a restless kind of man. I feel that you are, but please tell me you are okay?


My boobs took most of my impact; they went a bit purple for a while. Don’t worry, no harm done! My friend is much better now thank you and back in her own place. I think I’ve been driving her mad talking about you. I hope you don’t mind, I’ve been telling my friends about us, I can’t wait for them to meet you and for you to be a part of my life. Some of them have been a bit cheeky asking if you would be up for a three-some! Don’t even think about it Sam, I’ve told them you are all mine. You are aren’t you?




Friends… I have one who knows about you. I didn’t tell her, she worked it out, something to do with me talking in my sleep, and no, not with her; well not exactly. As it happens I saw her last week, the first time we’d met up since we were in Greenland. I’ve mentioned her before; she took my ‘profile’ photo. We’ve been to some inhospitable places, all in the name of science! Bottom line she was shocked that we had not met up and told me exactly what she thought was going on. Not at all complimentary to either you or me. Made me think, do you get reactions like this from your friends when you talk of us?


My friends are excited for me and know you must be a very special man, because I keep telling them! My closest friend looks out for me but as yet she hasn’t said too much. She is the only one who knows about the bad experience I had which as you well know has made me very cautious. I remember you telling me about your colleague, I hadn’t realised you were that close. She sounds as if she might be jealous of me. I admit I feel a bit that way with her. Anyway exactly what does she think is ‘going on’ here then?


She thought you had ‘Daddy issues’ and you were just using me as an emotional sop. She said she was amazed that I was dumb enough to fall for it and mad to think you would ever meet me. And for good measure I was effectively paying for you to make me feel good, actually it was worse than that!  I tried to explain, but she’s a bit headstrong, and up and left and we haven’t spoken since. The sooner we are out in the open, and face whatever we might have to, the better don’t you think?


Oh my God, I am absolutely furious. Who the hell does she think she is? She clearly feels bad about herself for her to be making those assumptions. Are you going to be able to handle her, I’m worried she’ll try to mess things up for us.


I must admit I didn’t expect that reaction from her. Maybe it’s just as well I have not told anyone else about us. I guess it would be a stretch for anyone to get their heads around our relationship. It’s taken us quite a while hasn’t it. Anyway I’m sure Amy will be fine, I caught her cold so to speak. I’ll be seeing her next week, work wise, so I doubt anything more will be said.


It just makes me so mad that a friend could be so hurtful and say what she said to you. You are an amazing person and nobody should be needed to make you feel good as you are beautiful inside and out. I am so sorry that I have made things awkward for you with her. Sam, I am not playing games with you or your feelings and never will. I am genuine and I’ve fallen for you.




I do not know what to say, no one has ever said the things you have to me. Beautiful inside, if by chance I am it’s your beauty permeating me, beautiful outside, you must be dazzled by the sun reflecting on to me your own. I thank you from my heart though for saying this to me. I tell you Erin I am already with you in spirit, heart and mind, and when you are ready I will be physically too, my hand in yours, to give as much joy and happiness as your heart can hold.


I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Your sweet and caring words make me so happy. I am so glad that we have met on here, and think that the gods put you in my path so that we can have a future together. My life was so empty until you came along. The only thing that counts now is me and you and nobody else.


[EDC Writing©2017 – Their Days]

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