#5: Awakening – Crazy feelings



I am walking in the rain alone my head bowed heavy with my thoughts, wanting to tell you more than I can, and I will when we are more secure than we are now. There are plenty of men like me and women too. I’ll have one with me – she goes everywhere I go, keeps me out of trouble, so no need to be scared for me. I’m drenched to the skin but do not want to go in, so I’ll stay outside and steam a while with my thoughts of being inside with you.


In a minute I’m going to wake up and find that this is all a dream.  No man has ever turned me on the way you do. My imagination is going wild. I need you to go in, to feel how wet I am too.


Imagine … you walk towards me hands outstretched. I mirror you. Our fingers touch, hands connect, arms enfold, and we embrace. You nuzzle my neck, and my eyes stream dewdrops on your hair. You look up, your eyes glisten, and moisten me. Our warmth creates a mist, mysterious, breathed in, every tear of joy shed condensed within. Lips dare to kiss, tongue tips touch, silently saying so much. We squeeze up tight …we say hello.


You have made my skin come out in goose bumps. I so want the first time we meet to be like this – I so want to be squeezed up close to you.




This afternoon I’m free. I can’t help but feel I should be arm in arm with you, talking, sharing smiles, walking down our local streets, bars and coffee shops inviting us to step in – familiar people pause and stare. Perhaps that’s it – I am asking too much of someone as young and beautiful as you to be seen with a man like me?


I guess I am just scared and nervous about the whole thing. The feelings I have for you are truly overwhelming and I am worried that when we do take those steps to meet that you may change your mind and not want a girl like me.




Erin, how could I not want you, in truth I feel as though I’m falling for you, a crazy thing to say I know, but somehow you’ve stroked my heart and opened it, you are flowing through my veins.


It’s not crazy at all, you can’t help the way you feel, none of us can. Feelings can be a very strange thing and sometimes shocks us but I do have very strong feelings for you too, and I’ve never even met you!


A quiet moment, lying in the sun, muscles stretched, blood flowing where most needed, relaxed, imagination in free fall, every thought of you, your beauty, the unfulfilled pleasure of your company, ever aching, longing for you to be beside me, my toes touching yours, our hearts thumping, our bodies in alignment, my hardness to your softness, eyes alight, the gap between us closes, lips exchange desires and needs , expressed in breathless whispers, intimate caresses, hands tentatively exploring, lips tasting, a prelude to the ultimate… a nice hot cup of tea.


“I’m trembling, I don’t know if to laugh or cry, your words touch me in ways I did not think possible, if this is a dream it will be the best dream I have ever had, and if I have to wake, I want to wake with you beside me, to hold you and never let you go.




Hi, Erin, did you sleep well? I got up early and am now at the airport.  It’s 6.30 am and we are about to go to the departure gate. You are so worth waiting for – I’m sure of how I feel. At least I’ll have my dreams of you in the never ending daylight nights.


Oh, Sam, you take care. I can’t quite believe you’re not here. I’ll be waiting for you, promise.

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