‘A fairy-tale with no happily ever after’ … yet, maybe, somewhere, one-day? This a re-blog of a thought provoking read.

Go Dog Go Café

By Cara Reeva and Charles Robert Lindholm 

how can my soul be so bonded to you
like the lyrics to the music my mind keeps playing
and my heart hold such love for you
inspiring every word I’m saying

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2 thoughts on “TAUNTING MEMORIES

  1. You are welcome … I’ve only a few followers as yet but I’ve shared your post on LinkedIn too, where I tend to get viewed more than anywhere … a lot of former science related colleagues and contacts wondering what the hell I’m up to! And yes I’ve visited your blog and now follow you. I’ll be posting my own take on poetry again from next week, Christine knows me from a past blog, now deleted. Eric.


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