#14 Their Days: Exposure – This weekend?



Somehow we’ll see this through, be off of here, and be together, me and you. It’s what I think of most, the times we have to come. I see you in my mind, try to imagine how you look, your hair, your clothes, what you wear beneath, what it would be like to feel the softness of your skin. I so need to see your smile, to hold your hand I’ll not willingly let go. I think of the things we’ll say, the laughter, the fun, how at ease we’ll be, as us.


You say such wonderful things to me, Sam. Where do you get all of these lovely words from? You must have such an amazing imagination, I dare not write the things I’m imagining!


I have an idea or two about what we could do this weekend; to explore each other a little, to see where we’d like to go next?  I’ve no idea where you live other than it must be quite close to London, as I am too. I’m quite flexible, what day and locality would be best for you?


Are you going to share these ideas with me? I would love to know what sort of places you enjoy going to. Do you think we can do something casual that doesn’t involve booking anything as that would seem a little too formal for me.


Erin, of course, informal is fine for me. I enjoy all sorts of places, it’s who you’re with and how you feel that matters. We will have a great time, just let me know where and when?


Sam, you’re so right it’s the company that you are in that makes a good night out. Sometimes if it’s not a nice place but you’re with a person you really want to be with it makes everything okay.




I didn’t sleep well last night. I had this niggling thought that you are going to back out of meeting up this weekend. Thankfully daylight has cleared my head. So, Erin, I’ll ask again, where and when works best for you?


This has all happened so fast though. Don’t you think we should slow down and really talk about us and our feelings? I really don’t want this to end but I am also scared it will all fizzle out if we rush things.


Come on, Erin, do not falter. Have faith in your feelings, and in mine for you. We’ve taken a long time to get to this moment, a time in our lives when happiness is ours to have. Have the courage to meet and through our smiles, our eyes, our spoken words you will see we are truly right for each other, not for a while, but for ever.


When you put it like that you make me believe that everything is going to be alright. I so hope that you are right because I really believe that you and I have something very special. I ache for you, Sam.


Erin, we are very special, an inseparable part of each other. It will be so wonderful to see you. I can’t stop smiling at the thought of being with you soon, I feel so happy, my eyes are misting, overflowing with all I feel for you. We are so close, just a few days away from being all we’ve spoken of on here.


I have never come across such a romantic and kind hearted man as you, Sam. I know I couldn’t ask anything more of you. I’m trying to be strong, yet I’m so anxious, please be patient with me.


I’d be really disappointed if you still have any concerns about me, especially now. To be honest I find it hard to reconcile what we feel for each other with being on here, we don’t need this site surely?


We will have to sort something out that is for sure, something that is good for both of us. I agree that messaging, good as it is, is not enough.


Oh please don’t get too enthusiastic, I might actually think you are keen to meet!  Amazing after all you’ve said to me. I thought we were there, but it seems just nearly.


Sam, please, it doesn’t help you being sarcastic with me. It’s really not something I appreciate, okay!


Is that really the best you have to offer?


I’m sorry, Sam, I don’t mean to be difficult. I love what we have here. I guess I can be immature at times. You know so much more about life than me, you see things how they are but I still have things to learn. I hope you won’t give up on us and that you’ll guide me to you.


I won’t give up on us but you do need to accept that we need to get off this site and keep in touch directly. I realise it took a lot for you to admit you may have things to learn, we both have, not least to have complete faith in each other.


Well, yes, I can see that but I am not willing to come off of this site until we have met up in person.


Erin, our future is in your hands. It’s up to you now to do the right thing for us. We are not strangers yet you treat me like one. It’s time we moved on, one way or another?


I am not treating you like a stranger, you know I’m not. That is quite a hurtful remark for you to make, Sam. Just be a little patient with me, please, I’m asking for just a little more time.

He Had True- Eric (EDC Writing), Guest Barista

Out odd-jobbing again …

Go Dog Go Café

Easing back now had his day

Easy said just not his way

Decades spent in hope not hate

Emotions ignored no love relates

He falls every now and then

A like mind curved with legs

Goes well a while until she feels

Too sweet too deep so very still

All but one had not a clue

Just what it was he had true

An artist’s touch a poets lips

A heart that gave a mind that flew


To read more of Eric’s writing, visit Believing Sight Unseen – EDC Writing

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The Box Under The Bed – a destination reached! Guest Blog Post By Eric Daniel Clarke

How I ended up in good company …

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

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Guest blog post by a co-author of The Box Under The Bed, Eric Daniel Clarke.


It still seems a little odd to think of myself as an author yet thanks to Dan and all the co-authors of the ‘Box Under The Bed’ I am. What Dan may not realise is that my story Destination Reached was first viewed through his blog two years ago. Here’s how.

I started writing prose quite late in life, in August 2012 as I just turned 60.

By the time I started my first (now deleted) blog in April 2014, I’d written over 200,000 words of internet messages between a fictional man and woman. From this Their Days the first of the Believing Sight Unseen stories was created and is on target (just!)…

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